Wooden Siding Care
April 10, 2023

Have you stained in the last 5 years?

Nick Piontek

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That's how often exterior wood needs to be re-stained when you live at elevation like we do here in Colorado.It's true. And if you've lived here for long, you're probably no stranger to the toll that living a mile closer to the sun can take on any outdoor property. UVrays up here are no joke. And believe it or not, once those UVrays make their way through your protective coat of stain, they can actually begin to break down the wood ... charring it like a smoldering log on a Colorado campfire. Of course that makes your siding more vulnerable to fires as well ...That's why we want to be sure our clients know that their wooden siding should be re-stained every 3 - 7years. But don't just re-stain it and move on! Like most things in life, there is the lazy way to do it, and the RIGHT way to do it.

Here are some things you very much want to avoid:

"Fuzzy" wood
Most painters try to power-wash the existing stain out of the wood. The problem with that approach is it frays the surface of the wood, leaving inconsistencies (and leaving your wood looking "fuzzy," like in this photo). They should first be using a stain remover to prepare the surface to properly accept new stain.
Etched, drippy wood ...
Stain remover is an important step in the RIGHT way to re-stain wood siding, but it's a powerful product, and you need an expert to apply it correctly. Leave it on too long and the stain remover can actually etch itself into the wood, creating permanent drip marks and effectively ruining your wood.
Splotchy wood
But even when they remember to use a stain remover (for the correct amount of time), there's still another step that often gets skipped ... REVIVE.

Why is it so important to use Revive?

Some painters may use the stain remover but neglect using the revive product because they see that the stain is out and assume the new stain will bring the wood back to where it needs to be, saving them time and money. The problem is that the stain remover and the existing stain on the substrate are like water and oil. They don’t mix and the stain remover pushes the stain out. Even after power washing the stain remover, you are left with remnants of stain remover in the wood. You need an emulsifier to extract the remaining stain remover, like what Dawn soap does to oil with water. That’s where the revive comes into play. It's only after we use the revive product on your home's siding that it is like new, healthy, and ready to accept the new stain and protect your home from those U.V. rays.

Here's On Point Contracting's full home re-staining process:

  1. Find the perfect stain to match the current stain, or new desired stain
  2. Test those stain colors with the client for approval
  3. Powerwash the house (avoiding wood "fuzziness"
  4. Prep each area, remove furniture, & cover stationary objects
  5. Apply Stain Remover
  6. Powerwash the stain remover off
  7. Apply Revive to neutralize the chemicals in the stain remover and brighten the wood to its original condition
  8. Powerwash off the Revive
  9. Wait a day for the house to dry
  10. Spray & backroll the new stain, one section at a time (makes for the prettiest finishes!)
  11. Walkthrough with the crew and make touch-ups
  12. Final Walkthrough with the Client

Interested in talking with us about your home's siding maintenance stain? Give us a call at (303) 800-2524 any time and we will give you the On Point, we-take-care-of-it-all treatment!

"On Point Contracting completed a stain renovation at our beautiful home in Keystone Colorado ...
Nick & his beautiful wife Eileen were always on the job checking the progress & making sure the work was expertly done. His crew was very professional as well as kind & courteous. The work was completed ahead of schedule & job site was left extremely clean. I was extremely pleased & highly recommend this fine company!"
- Angelo, Homeowner

That's what Angelo had to say after we finished his stain project in the beautiful Dercum's Dash neighborhood in Keystone, Colorado. Check out the photos below! Not only does a stain project bring new life to your home or business, it also protects your investment, fighting off those harmful UV rays. Click here to learn more about the advantages of the Sherwin Williams® products we use.

Our Products:

Here's some nitty gritty info on the top-of-the-line Sherwin Willaims® products we use:

IN SUMMARY : Protecting wood will extend the useful life of wood by preventing wood rot and decay. Sealers help keep moisture out of the wood and prevent UV rays from damaging the surface. ONCE sealers start to wear out its important to re-maintanance.

Houses done in a semi-solid/ solid are more protected due to the coating having more pigments and being more opaque, not letting bare spots to show through as much. But within a 5 year window will also start losing that water repellency that protects the wood.